Welcome to Drell Systems

Our business is providing robust, extensible solutions to your computing needs. With expertise spanning Unix and Windows based platforms, Drell Systems is capable of giving you the best in computer innovation to solve or enhance your business or personal computed operations.
Our Services
Custom applications (desktop and web based)
Inter-office communication
Remote data backup
Daily office task (invoicing and payroll)
Developing New Interfaces

We are currently developing new interfaces to standard Drell Systems created inter-office tools to allow for realtime processing and communication between organizations.

In addition to the varied operating platforms that we support, our knowledge also spans across the varied high demand programming languages and technologies including C, C++, Java, Delphi, PHP, Visual Basic, Perl and various other base and scripting languages across Unix-based and Windows-based platforms

Enhancing Your Inter-office Experience

Although Drell Systems focuses on services to enhance your inter-office experience, we are varied in our services.

Our services also include the servicing of office networks and computers. We do network implementation (LAN and WAN), repair, and troubleshooting in addition to personal computer and server builds and repair.

We offer server space with routine backup services to keep your data safe.

Want your
business running smoothly?

In addition, our services include web site design, implementation and web to office integration for situations that pose such a need.

Already have an established office network but need administration that you can trust to protect your data and keep your business running smoothly?

We do it all!
New Computing Ideas and Reseller Opportunity

Do you have some unique computing idea, but lack the knowledge or skills to bring your idea to life?

We take pride in bringing new ideas to life.

Are you a programmer looking for assistance with your latest projects? We're here to help... business, gaming, or just personal.

We may just be able to help you take your application to the next level.

Interested in generating additional one time or residual income for your business or personal interest?

We offer great reseller opportunities.

Give us a call (228) 669-9807 Email at services@drellsystems.com